The Sound of Rain | Nashville Wedding Film | Bloomsbury Farm

Lauren called me up on a Sunday while I was on a little weekend getaway to visit my family in Atlanta. I don’t usually take business calls while I’m away— scratch that, I always take business calls and emails because I’m really bad at setting boundaries. So I picked up and instantly felt validated by my instincts. Lauren is (and this is not an overstatement) the funniest, most relatable person I have ever talked to on the phone. Naturally, I like to think we are kindred spirits. When I met Jason, he was equal to Lauren in every way. He didn’t mirror her, but fit next to her. He was exuberant, steadfast and really eloquent. I think it was a match made in bro heaven for Bill, too.

Lauren and Jason were married at Bloomsbury Farms, a serene little farm just outside of Smyrna, Tn. When we got there, the clouds were pretty ominous but the vibe was super energetic. The boys moved furniture and transported umbrellas in the midst of the downpour, while the ladies finished up the florals.

Bloomsbury Farms has these awesome little pockets of nature waiting to be discovered all over the property. There is a great little path surrounded by trees (where Jason and Lauren had their first look), a rustic patio with a huge fireplace (also doubling as a sweet rain plan strategy) and all manner of fields to romp and catch light in.

It rained all day, but Lauren and Jason were so chill; down for umbrellas and quick car transports. Nothing went as planned, but it ended up being the perfect day for these two badasses. When the reception flooded and knocked the power out, everyone used their phones to light up the dance floor. NBD.


The Cosmic Mystery | Colorado Destination Wedding

Our very first destination wedding. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Taylor and Macy found us through our inspiration and friend from afar, Steelhead Cinema. Lucky for us, we all got to converge in Colorado from both ends of the country for their ridiculously beautiful wedding weekend.

This film put us on a creative journey from the start. When we look back at who we were last year, we know that we are forever different because of these two. We have since begun traveling almost full time to make our films, as it sparked a passion for us to explore a world beyond our little Tennessee hilltop.

It’s reminded us that following our dreams with like-minded people is the most important part of why we do what we do. Their adventures become our adventures, and capturing their legacy channels our vision for how Bill and I want to live our lives together.

It’s given us the art we so crave. To serve our couples is paramount, and we often get swept away in working with those beautiful shots and gorgeous details that we can forget that the our people need to bask in that beauty while we fade into the background. And in Colorado, that art was so all encompassing that it left us speechless.

But mostly this film has given us air. It’s been a steady inhale of a multitude of desires and emotions that have culminated into this exhale. An exhale that finally says everything we were feeling while we were with Taylor and Macy. An exhale of yes’s and oh my gods, of thank you’s and we’re so lucky’s. An exhale of tears, of profound love, and an exhale of emotions that can do nothing but show you what we feel in our hearts for these two. 

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The Remembrance Stone | Elopement at Sunset Rock Chattanooga, TN | Katie & Cameron

Katie and Cameron found us on INSTAGRAM— a major validation for me because it seems like I put a lot of effort into those tiny squares and sometimes it’s a love hate relationship. This time, of course, was pure love.

These two traveled all the way from hot hot Florida to elope on top of Lookout Mountain (which also happened to be super hot at the time 🔥—sorry guys). It was such a simple plan but filled with so much intention. Katie and Cam have tons of siblings, but they wanted this ceremony to be as intimate and personal as possible. They chose their parents to witness and a pastor and friend who has guided them throughout their entire relationship. Katie wore the most ethereal gown, and Sarah from Southerly Flower Farm crafted the most sublime bouquet. In front of just their parents, Katie and Cameron said their vows as the sun fell just below the mountains.

After reading personal letters to one another, they quietly said their vows in private on a little mountain path. As the sun set during their ceremony, they spent the last few leaks of light washing each others feet as a symbol of their sacrifice and commitment. With their parents praying over them, you could feel the change— all the moments that led to that point in time had brought them to a place as solid and secure as the stone they stood on.

It was the most adventurous, meaningful, and precious elopement for the raddest, boldest and most boho of them all!

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Summer in the City | Chattanooga Urban Wedding at St. John's Restaurant | Emma + Alex

This wedding kicked off our summer season with a huge explosion. We met Emma and her bridesmaids just as they were parading out into the lobby of the Chattanoogan and whisked away with them to Patton Chapel. A bride ahead of schedule? Yes please. When Alex arrived at the chapel with their two amazing dogs in tow, we knew the day would be special—and boy were we were right.

Even though Alex was the most joyful groom we’ve ever been with, he got so emotional at the First look. Through tears he admired Emma’s mermaid Dupuoni silk strapless gown and never stopped smiling. They shared the most exuberant exchange and we were left feeling like we knew both of them so well. Laughter, tears, and cuddles made us feel at home in the middle of a profound lifelong relationship full of constant care and selflessness.

The rest of the day was a whirlwind. There was a beautiful ceremony full of sweet vows and lots of loving friends onlooking as they said ‘I do’ then the crew hopped into the Chattanooga Trolley and rolled over to The Meeting Place for hors d’oeuvres. We managed to pull Alex and Emma away for about 10 minutes to walk around downtown and they couldn’t stop smiling. Their joy was absolutely palpable.

And to say the rest of the night was wild would be the biggest understatement of the season. We danced, drank some amazing signature cocktails, then danced some more while the walls of the flatiron building pulsed with the beat. It was LIT. 

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The Time of My Life | Derby Day Wedding at RT Lodge |

Cinco De Mayo, Maracas, and a Soul Train exit? Yes Please.

Josh and Allison’s Wedding beautiful outdoor wedding was both intimate and larger than life. The ceremony was filled with the closest of friends, family, beautiful blooms, and unique details. Cocktail hour was filled with s’mores and Kentucky Derby viewing, complete with proper wide-brim-hat attire. After the race, dinner was served under a tent topped with maypole ribbons, flowers, and lounge seating, inviting guests to relax and settle into the evening. 

Every couple has a unique style, but our favorite thing about Allison and Josh is how they seemed to light up on the dance floor, surrounding themselves with family and friends and a contagious energy. Allison and her dad did a choreographed dance and Josh and his mom held each other through tears—there may have been a few of those from us as well.

The reception was the definition of a party, with nonstop dancing, maracas and a live band. At the end of the night, everyone lined up and spent the next 20 minutes dancing in groups Soul-Train-style. Once the last dancer got ready to leave the tent, the ominous clouds finally broke and Josh and Allison officially exited under a large umbrella while getting pelted with raindrops. I think the weather wanted in on the fun. It was one crazy fun night!

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