Summer in the City | Chattanooga Urban Wedding at St. John's Restaurant | Emma + Alex

This wedding kicked off our summer season with a huge explosion. We met Emma and her bridesmaids just as they were parading out into the lobby of the Chattanoogan and whisked away with them to Patton Chapel. A bride ahead of schedule? Yes please. When Alex arrived at the chapel with their two amazing dogs in tow, we knew the day would be special—and boy were we were right.

Even though Alex was the most joyful groom we’ve ever been with, he got so emotional at the First look. Through tears he admired Emma’s mermaid Dupuoni silk strapless gown and never stopped smiling. They shared the most exuberant exchange and we were left feeling like we knew both of them so well. Laughter, tears, and cuddles made us feel at home in the middle of a profound lifelong relationship full of constant care and selflessness.

The rest of the day was a whirlwind. There was a beautiful ceremony full of sweet vows and lots of loving friends onlooking as they said ‘I do’ then the crew hopped into the Chattanooga Trolley and rolled over to The Meeting Place for hors d’oeuvres. We managed to pull Alex and Emma away for about 10 minutes to walk around downtown and they couldn’t stop smiling. Their joy was absolutely palpable.

And to say the rest of the night was wild would be the biggest understatement of the season. We danced, drank some amazing signature cocktails, then danced some more while the walls of the flatiron building pulsed with the beat. It was LIT. 

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