The Last Light

Sometimes art and love take you back full circle. When Maddie and Whit told me they were getting married at Perimeter I felt a peace and a little sorrow. Those grounds are sacred and painful for me. My dad is buried there. He was laid to rest with the family he first began ministering with over 30 years ago, now watching over him in that beautiful garden near the chapel. 

It’s not a place I am unfamiliar with, and there are literally thousands of lives that walk through those grounds daily. So in some ways it can feel more impersonal if I focus on how many people don’t know the small impact my father had on such a big movement so many years ago. But the garden, those pine trees shading the stones at the gravesite, that feels close to him. 

I was worried, excited, and beaming with pride to make this film. Maddie and Whit are exceptionally devoted to their faith and full of love for their families and traditions, and I hoped that the legacy and history I have with Perimeter might mirror that. And I felt that my dad was somehow watching. He was always encouraging me to pursue my passions for art, beauty and nature, yet he didn’t get to see our tiny dream bud into this business.

Bill and I felt that we were able to honor my dad's spirit and legacy on that land, and pursue our passion through that new love- just like my dad did, just like he would have wanted us to do, just like he would have encouraged Maddie and Whit to do had he ever met them. Love, nature, beauty and faith are the most important things in life—It was an honor to create this tiny representation of that.

In memory of Halley Wade Williams.

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Chelsea Cox

Chelsea is the Co-owner of BC | Weddings.