A Fresh Venue

Leslie and Dave’s engagement party was the best pre-wedding shindig we have been to in a long time. They were the very first couple to book an event at the Knoxville Public House (check them out here), a vintage industrial facility by the interstate in old Knoxville, Tn. We had a great time filming the party and really enjoyed the intimacy and uniqueness of the venue. We think all brides should take a lesson from Leslie and Dave’s planning playbook and look outside the standard wedding/reception venues. Choosing an uncharted venue like the Public House not only supports local business, but will likely give you a more tailored experience
as well.

Have you or your spouse had a hard time finding a venue? When we planned our wedding it seemed like everything was either super formal or too rustic. There weren't a lot of intimate places in between that we felt would showcase our style and attitude but also accommodate our guests. Small venues like bars, taverns, art galleries and even coffee shops might be just the solution you're looking for. Places like these are often very capable of serving large crowds, and even your 70+ signature cocktails! Only a few flowers or simple greenery would be needed at a coffee shop or small art gallery, since the ambience is already so well thought out. With an outside-the-box venue, chances of booking conflicts are small, and if you are the first couple asking you can really get a steal! It never hurts to negotiate! 

Have you had any rare venue experiences? Or are you thinking about getting married somewhere completely unorthodox? Let us know in the comments!

Chelsea Cox

Chelsea is the Co-owner of BC | Weddings.