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The Remembrance Stone | Elopement at Sunset Rock Chattanooga, TN | Katie & Cameron

Katie and Cameron found us on INSTAGRAM— a major validation for me because it seems like I put a lot of effort into those tiny squares and sometimes it’s a love hate relationship. This time, of course, was pure love.

These two traveled all the way from hot hot Florida to elope on top of Lookout Mountain (which also happened to be super hot at the time 🔥—sorry guys). It was such a simple plan but filled with so much intention. Katie and Cam have tons of siblings, but they wanted this ceremony to be as intimate and personal as possible. They chose their parents to witness and a pastor and friend who has guided them throughout their entire relationship. Katie wore the most ethereal gown, and Sarah from Southerly Flower Farm crafted the most sublime bouquet. In front of just their parents, Katie and Cameron said their vows as the sun fell just below the mountains.

After reading personal letters to one another, they quietly said their vows in private on a little mountain path. As the sun set during their ceremony, they spent the last few leaks of light washing each others feet as a symbol of their sacrifice and commitment. With their parents praying over them, you could feel the change— all the moments that led to that point in time had brought them to a place as solid and secure as the stone they stood on.

It was the most adventurous, meaningful, and precious elopement for the raddest, boldest and most boho of them all!

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The Year of Grace

Joel and Kathryn took us on a yearlong adventure.

It all began the day we met Joel and he let us in on his plan to surprise Kathryn by proposing on her birthday in front of both their families. We went over the plan together, determined how we would shoot it, how we would communicate with him beforehand, and how he would mic himself (luckily for us, Joel put James Bond to shame with his ability to hide a wire). Joel told Kathryn they were going to dinner with family, but after parking he meandered them toward the Hunter Museum instead. Joel popped the question overlooking the Tennessee River on a gorgeous midsummer evening, and despite her hunger, Kathryn agreed emphatically

Fast forward a couple months—Joel and Kathryn had moved states for work (as well as their wedding venue) but came back to Chattanooga to meet up. Just as the leaves were beginning to fill out the trees, we all went for a much-needed (winter can be rough for us) hike along the trails of Lookout Mountain. Kathryn and Joel are the silliest couple we’ve ever filmed. They are the most themselves when they are doing impressions, fake falling, twerking, or cross-eyed. But in the midst of all those giggle-worthy candids (if you follow our Insta stories you know we can’t stop posting the outtakes) we were able to get something we don’t often have the opportunity to get: a glimpse into everyday life. From the nicknames to the goofy selfie shots, Joel and Kathryn let us in on who they are and how they interact: with love, silliness and explosions of joy all around them.

So then life happened, and some things fell through. They ended up planning a last-minute wedding on a public overlook in the Ocoee wilderness. It was the definition of intimate (there were less than 30 people in attendance) and in our opinion it could not have been more perfect.  On top of a mountain overlooking more than three states, Kathryn and Joel married in an intimate and faith-filled ceremony. There was no reception, no speeches, just close family and friends— a perfect parallel to the love and authenticity we had witnessed over the year. And that small gathering of people welcomed the beginning of Joel and Kathryn's future with explosions of joy all around them. 

"In our good and bad moments I vow to remember that God gave grace and companionship in the midst of my loneliness."

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Adventure Weddings, For the Wild at Heart

Forgoing floral arrangements, a DJ, or even guests at a wedding might seem extreme, but more and more courageous couples are choosing to elope or take part in adventure weddings each year. These intimate ceremonies come in all varieties, from the forests of Yosemite to the French Riviera. Often taking place in remote locations, adventure weddings and elopements rarely have all the details of a traditional wedding, but they can be a great way to celebrate a couple’s unique bond without sacrificing their style.

So why opt for an untraditional wedding? 

the devil is in the details

Traditional weddings are wonderful, and certainly the right choice for many people, but they can take a year or more (and probably a few headaches) to plan. If you elope, however, there are far fewer moving parts. Choose a location, a dress, an officiant, and a videographer and the rest just kind of falls into place. 

dollar dollar bills, y’all

The average wedding cost in the US is nearly $27,000, and that doesn’t include a honeymoon. If you choose to elope, even in the most exotic of locations, you could save yourself some Benjamins and gain some great, lasting memories to boot. Choosing an adventure wedding will also free up your budget for videography and photography, which is sure to be stunning in the unique location you choose.

no FOMO (fear of missing out)

You can have your wedding cake and eat it too. There is nothing stopping you from planning a huge party when you get back from your adventure wedding— Invite your family and friends and have a grand old time celebrating your marriage. If you had a wedding film made, this would be the perfect time to show it.

bragging rights

You deserve an awesome wedding story. The next time someone asks where you got married, you’ll be able to regale them with tales of your adventure—or better yet, show them your wedding film. Of course, we would never recommend doing something just to impress others, but it’s certainly a fringe benefit. The odds are, however, that you’ll end up impressing yourself. You’ll look back fondly at your intrepid spirit and the wonderful memories surrounding your special day.