fall wedding

Wild Hearts

This one was a fun one for us: knowing Lucy and Randall in high school and getting to connect a part of their story together many years later (we won’t say how many) was a very special honor. It also helps that they are some of the most fun loving, beautiful people we know!

Their wedding was phenomenal. Fun. Crazy. Wild. Gorgeous. Their day began at The Little Brown Church on Signal Mountain (which was packed to the brim with friends and family), followed by a family style dinner and reception at McCoy Farms. Bill and I walked the grounds watching the two of them laugh and sink in the day. We ate cake—there were like nine, y’all (must have: nine cakes), and danced until our feet hurt. The breeze brought a mix of fall chill and bonfire smoke that kept us dreaming of their special day for a long time. Congratulations, Lucy and Randall! We love you guys!


watch the film

A Magical Evening

Last month we had the pleasure of filming Haylee and Steven's wedding, and to say it was special just wouldn't do it justice. Haylee and Steven have such a strong and quiet bond. They are so joyful and comfortable when they are together. That kind of steadfast love is contagious, and it carried everyone around them to a special place. 

Haylee and Steven had a Harry Potter themed wedding and it was another great way to have fun with their wedding and their guests. Theme weddings are one of many creative ways to connect with guests, really giving the couple a chance to showcase their love and their personality all at once. Every detail of Haylee and Steven’s wedding was creative and whimsical. They had"Have You Seen This Wizard?" posters, Harry Potter themed jewelry, and even Butter Beer! Our favorite detail was the Marauder's map program that Steven designed, and we loved animating it in our film. 

Wedding venues are another way to showcase a theme. The Lee University Chapel created a cathedral vibe reminiscent of Hogwarts. The reception at The Old Woolen Mill felt straight out of the London train station scenes!  The guests loved all the fun nods to the Harry Potter world throughout the night and it really created a relaxed and open atmosphere.

We love theme weddings and we had a blast at the Gaffin wedding. If you’re thinking about going for a wedding that really shares how fun and magical your love is, try it! It's safe to say this one was for the books!