Lauren & Jason, 

For us, there hasn’t been a more natural couple-connection than to you guys. We love everything about you. You’re fancy, smart, funny, and you were game to have fun in the rain. When you chose us, it was a validation that went way beyond our professional selves. It felt like you were welcoming us into your lives and your love.

We hope that this film pays homage to that place. We hope that it gives you both a documentation of the effortless love and support your family and friends put forward. And we hope that it shows them an example of two people who so fully know themselves that they can love each other as well as you do.

On days when life is heavy and immeasurably painful, we hope this film brings you comfort and peace in the knowledge that time is fleeting and pain can dissipate just as quickly as exuberant joy. We hope that on days when you feel love, you have a visual representation of how that love bloomed, and an overwhelming sense of wisdom through your growth as a couple. On other days, we hope this is a spark, a light in the quiet and hopeless places that draws you closer towards one another.

We wish you so much life, love and light. We cannot thank you enough for letting us in. 

Always our love,