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Our day is finally here and I cannot be anymore excited to marry you. Eight months ago, as planning began, today felt like an eternity away. But here we are, and I'm thankful for how God used those months to mold us and prepare us for a lifetime to follow. There are so many things I want you to know and feel today. The gift of this book, while not extravagant, will hopefully allow you to see a clearer picture of how loved you are. On these pages you will find prayers, dreams, reminders, encouragement and my heart. I know you often wonder, because you sometimes ask me, where I am, and what I am doing away from you. The answer is right here. I was often away from you when these were written, and you will find my mind, heart, and soul totally focused on loving you. We have just a few more minutes until the rest of our lives begins to unfold. I have no fear, no worry, not a shred of doubt. God has done an amazing work here. A work that man will never separate. Here is a list of a few of those things I want you to know today:

1. I love you. Yes, my heart is bursting with joy today and my feelings for you are beautiful. But look beneath that, and you will find steadfast commitment. This unshaken promise will pull us through the darkest of hours and produce unending joy in times of blessing.
2. You are beautiful. I have not seen you yet, but I know there has never been a bride as truly stunning as you. Your outward beauty takes my breath away, but your inner beauty melts my heart and inspires me. On this day and every day you are altogether pure; not a single blemish or flaw.
3. I will work for you and us. Today is only a beginning and I will never stop pursuing your heart and fighting for the flourishing of our marriage. You can count on this truth. I will also lead you. My heart burns for the lord and I will give everything I can to bring you, and us, closer to God. I will strive to lead you as God has called me, through humble sacrifice and service, so that you may continue to become the woman God has designed you to be. 

If you can be confident in these truths, I know you will find joy and peace. I am so honored to be loved by you, and the greatest gift you can ever give me is today; pledging yourself to me. I am eager and excited to promise my whole life to you.
I love you Maddie—My Miracle."

"My dearest Whitaker,

Today is our wedding day, and I am completely, totally, ready to marry you. Every part of me has been ready since the day God perfectly brought us together. In you I see peace, hope, love, grace, forgiveness and a glimpse of eternity. You are the reason for my existence here on earth. I am made to love, cherish, help, and support you. You are everything I prayed for, dreamed and wished for, and waited for. I come to you today completely free and pure and ready to be your wife. God's hand has been in this since before we were born.

I want to make some personal vows to you today:

I vow to always love you for all that you are, the good and the bad. I vow to be faithfully committed to you the rest of my life. I vow to support you in all things and stand by your side in all situations. I vow to be loyal and true and be your 'sweet innocent' all the days of my life. I vow to be slow to speak and quick to listen. I vow to seek adventure with you and view God's creation. I vow to learn from you and let you teach me. I am ready to be your loving and faithful wife. It's always been you. You, only you, for all of my days.

All of my love,



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Dear Maddie & Whit, 

What a joy this film has been for us. Your love, the peace you both have together, and the faith you both share has been so special to witness. We are so honored that you let us capture those memories and put them all together for you. We hope that this film serves as a memory for years to come of all the people who are walking with you, encouraging you in your life together, and witnessing your great love. We will be watching from afar as well, honored to know you both.


Bill & Chelsea



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