Victoria and Kyle's wedding was stunning, set among the pines and the creek beds of the North Georgia mountains, festooned with gorgeous floral arrangements and stylish details. Victoria and Kyle have a serendipitous love story, and their connection is palpable when you spend any amount of time with them. You can clearly see how drawn they are toward one another. As individuals, they are some of the highest achieving people we know; full of confidence, intellect, and poise. Together, they are a force of nature.

From the BridE

"Kyle and I met on the tennis court! I was coaching at his childhood neighborhood after college and before medical school. His parents still lived in that neighborhood, but Kyle lived in Atlanta about 40 minutes away. Kyle came to drills with his dad a few times, then started to show up more often. Over a few months we progressed from acquaintances, to tennis friends, and eventually dating. Even at this early stage we were very drawn to each other, in a way neither of us had felt before. I was about to have to move to Macon for school, and around that same time, Kyle's job territory was reassigned to...drum roll...macon! We were certain that it was a God thing—pieces were falling into place effortlessly."


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